"the rhythm of sounds" from its root cadere which means "to fall." Originally designating falling tones especially at the end of lines of music or poetry, cadence broadened to mean the rhythms of the tones and sometimes even the rhythm of sounds in general.

Cadence is a developing audio/visual installation that explores the idea of the body as data. It introduces the idea of our growing symbiotic relationship with technology as an extension of ourselves in relation to our real-world visceral experiences of how we use our nervous system as a haptic experience through wearable technology and its data as an extension of our memory and in the preservation and documentation of those experiences.

 My process here is recording mountain running activiteis through my Garmin watch. I then  extrapolate the data and turn it into MIDI inputs to be able to use it as an instrument to produce audio/visual installations.

Data generated from Garmin watch - this data generates the colour of the light in the installation.

Photographic print, Video, LED programmable lights, Max MSP, Raspberry Pi, Colour, Sound, Lidar Light Detection and Ranging, 3D sculpture